Improving Leadership Perspectives and Practices


Venue: The Meeting Place, Chase Plaza, 33, Abakiliki Road, GRA, Enugu, Nigeria

Date: Thursday, 4th October 2018; Time: 10:00 am

About this Course

The statement that “Knowledge is Power” may be true to some extent; but, the real power is in the application of the knowledge. Therefore, being aware of the mindsets and behaviours that are hindering or limiting you from achieving what you want is the first step towards acquiring the power, while utilizing empowering strategies of growth enables better mental strength, greater physical presence, a more aligned internal sense of self, and better interactions with others. 


The enabling strategies of growth are embedded in leadership. Leadership is important and it is proven that every significant turn of events is anchored on leadership. The crisis is attributed to the failure of leadership and successes to the triumph of leadership. Governments, businesses and generally, human societies rise and fall according to the quality of leadership available at the time.


The good news is that leadership can be learned and developed. This workshop will enable participants to develop their leadership quotient through an exhaustive synopsis of the leadership genre and very important viewpoints, competencies, and applications for model leadership.


Course Objectives

The objectives of the Course are to:

  • ·         Identify leadership quotient
  • ·         Explore the differences between leading and managing
  • ·         Discover the characteristics of exceptional leadership
  • ·         Understand the importance of credibility and living fundamental values
  • ·         Build collaboration, teamwork and trust, to help others excel
  • ·         Develop an action plan to increase effectiveness in the areas of leadership 

Course Benefits

By the end of this training course, the participants will learn to identify and develop their leadership quotient, explore the difference between leading and managing, discover the key characteristics of exceptional leaders, and develop an action plan to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in these key areas.


Course Participation

Participation in this training workshop is free of charge. Due to limited available space, this workshop can only accommodate thirty (30) participants. Participation shall be strictly on registration. Potential attendees to this learning workshop are expected to send either an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or SMS to +234 803 309 5266 with their full name and mobile number as an expression to attend the workshop on/before Tuesday, 2nd October 2018.  

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